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Building ICEkit sites

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Apps for ICEkit

Included apps, pagetypes and plugins

  • Page type plugins:
    • layout_page - integrates with our flexible layouts system.
    • search_page - integrates with [Haystack].
  • Modular content plugins:
    • brightcove
    • child_pages
    • faq
    • file
    • horizontal_rule
    • image
    • instagram_embed
    • map
    • map_with_text
    • oembed_with_caption
    • page_anchor
    • page_anchor_list
    • quote
    • reusable_form
    • slideshow
    • text
    • twitter_embed


Contributing to ICEkit



For feature suggestions and bug reports, check the currently open issues.

Contact the Interaction Consortium

ICEkit is open and free to use. However if you have a query or business need that doesn't belong in the public community, please get in touch with the ICEkit team at the Interaction Consortium: